Fuel injection

ASNU Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing System

How does it all work?

Firstly the injectors are all tested to see if they actually need a service. The results are all recorded and then the injectors that haven’t passed are set to be cleaned up using the ASNU Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

How are the Injectors tested?

To start with a leak test is done on the injectors, in this example injectors 1 & 2 leaked. A resistance test is then done, the ASNU tester sprays oil through the injectors and automatically works out the resistance and the results appear on the small screen.

A test on the spray pattern is then done on the injectors. The picture doesn’t show it very clearly but Injectors 1 & 2 had a bad spray, 3 was ok and 4 was good.

Lastly the flow rate was tested, Injectors 1 & 2 failed as there rate was 41 and 52, 3 just pass as it had 60 and 4 was perfect with 65.

How are the Injectors cleaned?

The injectors are placed in the Ultrasonic cleaner for 20 minutes, contaminates are ultrasonically removed from the Injectors.

The results

Before – The flow rates were: 41, 52, 60 and 65.

After – The flow rates were: 49, 59, 59 and 60.

This shows and the Ultrasonic service helps as the Injector’s flow rates need to be close to 60 to pass.

After cleaning the Injectors have a better spray pattern.

How can Injector Service help my car?

The Injector service can help your car it has:

  • Poor Starting
  • Poor Driveability
  • Excessive Exhaust Emissions
  • Lack of Power